Apparatus MASCOT successfully landed on the asteroid Ryugu and sent a photo

MASCOT made a successful landing on a large asteroid Ryugu and has already begun to collect data. The device is designed to study the celestial body. It is assumed that MASCOT will help professionals better understand the process of the formation of the solar system. 

The delivery of the device was carried out using the Japanese probe Hayabusa2. The project is implemented jointly by Japan and Germany. MASCOT will make the company two MINERVA-II1 all-terrain vehicles, which are also on Ryuga. True, the devices will be located far from each other.

But a snapshot of the asteroid itself:

The batteries of the device are designed for 16 hours of operation. On board the MASCOT there is a wide-angle camera, images from which will be transmitted to Earth. Also, the device is equipped with a microscope – it is useful for studying the minerals on the surface of the asteroid. In addition, MASCOT will set the temperature and magnetic field of Ryugu.

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