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Vedomosti: Ksenia Sobchak can become one of Putin’s rivals in the elections

In the presidential administration, they thought that a woman could become a “worthy candidate” for the role of opponent to the president.

Interlocutors from the presidential administration told Vedomosti that the possibility of nominating a woman as a “sparring partner” to the current head of state in the 2018 elections is currently being discussed. Experts consider five to seven possible defendants, with one of the sources reported that the candidature of a woman who is not in any party has been agreed.

Ksenia Sobchak surveyed by experts called the “ideal option” because, according to them, she “shows the image of a modern young woman who would like to go into politics.” It is also noted that the TV presenter “does not correspond to everything” in the image of a “typical Russian woman”, and it is not yet clear whether she will decide to go to the polls.

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Among other possible candidates, the publication named Natalya the Great, Chairman of the Social Democratic Union of Women of Russia, leader of the National Parenting Committee Irina Volynets, and member of the central council of the Fair Russia party Irina Petelyeva. With the latter, the alleged issue has already been discussed informally.

Women have previously been nominated for the presidential election. In 2000, the Civil Dignity Association put forward the current CEC chairman, Ella Pamfilova, and in 2004 Irina Khakamada participated in them from the Union of Right Forces.

Experts agreed that the participation of women in the elections in 2018 is predictable – this will alleviate the fatigue and irritation of voters from Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky and Yavlinsky. In addition, it would draw attention to the campaign and show that it would not be misogynist.

In April 2016, Putin allowed a woman to participate in the presidential election. According to him, a woman “can cope with many problems” with many problems.

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