Study: A large number of legal streaming services again pushed users to piracy

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO – people are not ready to pay for everything at once.

In October, Sandvine presented the Global Internet Phenomena report , including on watching videos on the Internet. According to a study, Netflix accounts for 15% of incoming traffic worldwide. But Sandvine noted another trend: a large number of streaming services led to the fact that users again turned to torrents.

Since 2011, the share of world traffic attributable to BitTorrent has steadily decreased. But in the last report, experts from Sandvine recorded a sharp increase in performance around the world. This is most noticeable in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Sandvine spokesman Cam Cullen linked the trend with the growing number of streaming services. Initially, torrents lost their popularity because of them: platforms like Netflix offered a large selection of TV shows for a relatively low price. But every year subscription services became more and more. And each has its own “loud” exclusives: “House of Cards” (Netflix), “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu), “Jack Ryan” (Amazon) and others.

According to Cullen, in the end, users simply began to pirate serials of services to which they are not subscribed. Another reason is that some exclusives are only available in the US, so subscribers from other countries turn to torrents.

Having legal access to all these services is too expensive for customers. Therefore, they subscribe to one or two platforms, and other exclusives download from torrents.

Cam Cullen
Sandvine representative
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