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Putin on Skripal as a “scum” and a “traitor to the motherland”

The president asked not to consider the former employee of the GRU “almost a human rights activist.”

Vladimir Putin called the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal poisoned in Salisbury “scum” and “traitor to the motherland.” So he described the Russians at a press conference during the Russian Energy Week forum. Live broadcast led RT.

Imagine you are a citizen of your own country. Suddenly you have a man who betrays his country. How will you treat him? Or anyone here sitting representative of any country. He’s just a scumbag, that’s all. And around this launched a whole information campaign.

Vladimir Putin

Putin asked that Skripal not be considered a human rights activist and considered the situation around the poisoning in Salisbury to be a “spy scandal”.

As for Skripale, this spy scandal is being artificially inflated. I look at some information sources, your colleagues are pushing the thought that Mr. Skripal is almost a human rights activist. He is just a spy, a traitor to the Motherland. There is such a thing – a traitor to the Motherland [applause in the audience]. He is one of them.

Vladimir Putin

Is there a video.

The UK claims that Violin and his daughter Julia were poisoned in Salisbury with the newcomer nerve agent developed in Russia. The Kremlin denies the charges.

The British authorities suspected two alleged employees of the GRU, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, in connection with the poisoning. Local media reported a third, unnamed suspect, but this information has not yet been confirmed. Boshirov and Petrov denied the charges.

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