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Protests broke out in Armenia again. Prime Minister Pashinyan resigns

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced his resignation after the entry into force of his decree on the dismissal of six ministers. Thus, he intends to achieve the holding of early parliamentary elections in the country. With the help of Facebook, he gathered a lot of people in the center of Yerevan in an hour.

Nikol Pashinyan urged his supporters to take to the streets after the parliament at an extraordinary meeting adopted the law on the regulation of the National Assembly – the Armenian parliament. The amendments, which complicate the dissolution of the parliament, were supported by 67 votes of the deputies from the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), the Dashnaktsutyun party and the Tsarukyan bloc. According to opponents of the bill, these changes will help to avoid the dissolution of the parliament: deputies will be able to delay the meeting and prevent a situation that, according to the law, allows for early elections. Pashinyan himself believes that this is a conspiracy against the Armenian people, whose goal is the implementation of counter-revolution. He called on Armenian President Armen Sargsyan not to sign the bill.

After Pashinyan’s resignation, the parliament will have two attempts to elect a new prime minister. If after two attempts a new prime minister is not elected, the National Assembly is dissolved, and new elections are appointed, the holding of which Pashinyan is seeking. According to the law, they will be held about a month after the dissolution of parliament. Pashinyan is hoping for this scenario. According to Pashinyan, there is a political crisis in the country: the parliament does not represent the interests of the people, therefore, elections should be held as soon as possible.

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