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Points appeared on Kickstarter that “turn off” displays around

At the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform , a fundraiser began to create IRL glasses, which “quench” any display. Developers need $ 25 thousand. In a few days, they collected almost the entire amount, and until the end of the campaign there is just under a month.

IRL Glasses not only visually turn off the screens, but also block ultraviolet radiation as reliably as possible (UV400 index) – just like ordinary sunglasses. The secret of the model lies in the polarized glasses: they do not transmit light from the displays, which visually makes the screens turn off, although in fact they work. So far, magic only works with LED and LCD arrays, and it won’t save OLED.

In April next year, the delivery of points to people who donated funds through Kickstarter for development should begin.

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