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In Switzerland, for homophobia and transpophobia will be put in prison for up to three years

“O new wondrous world”

Victory! At 118 against 60 and 5 abstentions, the National Council is taking my parliamentary initiative against homophobia and transphobia! Great success in the field of human rights! The final response in December in the state of Shtvetsarii.

After the vote, Mathias Reynard said: “Homophobia is not an opinion. It is a crime. Every fifth homosexual tried to commit suicide. “. Speaking to Le Temps, Renee Shegg, General Secretary of the LGBTQ Pink Cross Group, said: “The decision of the day is an important step. This will most likely return Switzerland in the ranking of the International Association of LGBT People, where our country currently ranks 22nd behind Estonia and Hungary. ” After the victory of Reynard, he confirmed that he plans to expand the rights of homosexuals in Switzerland. Same-sex couples do not have equal rights when it comes to taxes, fertility, wealth, or adoption.

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