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In France, caught a gangster who escaped from prison in a hijacked helicopter

He is known for his cinematic escapes and for hiding from the authorities for more than three months.

French police detained the criminal and thief Reduan Faid (Redoine Faid), who escaped from prison on a stolen helicopter along with accomplices. They searched for him for more than three months and then monitored his movements, but in the end he was detained without gunfights and chases. This was announced by theMinister of the Interior of France.

Faida was found a few weeks ago in a private apartment in the northern part of the country. According to France Info, the special operation took place on the night of October 3: together with the 46-year-old thief, his brother, a woman, and two men, whose identities were not called, were detained.

50 armed police officers took part in the capture operation. But during the arrest they did not use firearms – they seized two pistols from the criminals.

In 2013, Faida was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but on July 1, 2018, he escaped from custody in a helicopter. The escape operation took a few minutes, but the criminals could not figure out because they changed transport several times. Before that, the Frenchman had blown up the prison doors for another escape, but he disappeared from the police only for a week.

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