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Get it, sign it. We tell how to roll on your Windows 10 cool new thing

Microsoft has released a major update for Windows 10, which has some useful new features. Everything would be fine, but if you do not act, you will most likely be left without clothes for the next few weeks. We tell how to upgrade here and now.

Under favorable circumstances, your computer may fall into the first wave of updates. In this case, the computer will do everything himself. But usually the Microsoft update process lasts for weeks. To speed up the process, find the updates tab in the system settings and click on the “Check for updates” button. The system will definitely find an update, download it and install it. It will only restart the computer. Details on how to upgrade in the video below.

A few words about the most notable innovations.

“Your phone number”

The final version of an interesting application designed to make your computer and smartphone tighter. The strongest friendship with Android devices, the iPhone is also supported, but with reduced functionality due to limitations in iOS.

Everything, more pictures do not have to be sent to a computer via e-mail. Once you have taken a photo, you can almost instantly see it on your PC through the application “Your Phone”. Here you can edit it, add text and send a picture to your friends. In addition, the program allows you to view and send SMS from a smartphone.

Cloud clipboard

Finally, a full-fledged “cloud” clipboard is implemented. Thanks to the Cloud Clipboard function, you can copy on one device (for example, on a computer) and paste text and images up to 1 MB on another (for example, on a laptop). The devices must be connected to the same Microsoft account.

In addition to the exchange process itself, you can also view the history of saved files from the clipboard.

Updated Timeline

Previously, this feature allows you to view the history of using different applications on your computer.

Now the timeline is available on smartphones. The only caveat – to feel its charms, you will have to install Microsoft Launcher. It is unlikely that many will want to do it.

Dark theme, To-Do app and screenshots

Of the less significant innovations, we note the emergence of a dark theme for the “Explorer”. Also appeared a tool for creating advanced screenshots of the screen. The image can be immediately edited, modified, corrected.

The To-Do application will help manage notes, prettier Notepad, the Edge browser has changed, and the emoji ranks have been added. Changes, innovations and additions really a lot.

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