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For a week about the participation of Sobchak in the elections told “Vedomosti”, RTVI and Putin talked

Sobchak pretends to refute, but does not say that he will not participate in the elections.

On September 1, Vedomosti reported on the possible participation of the presenter Ksenia Sobchak in the presidential election. Publications sources in the presidential administration said that the Kremlin is looking for a “sparring partner” to Vladimir Putin, and the choice is to be made from five to seven people, while the candidature of a woman who is not a member of any party has been agreed.

At that time, Sobchak criticized Vedomosti and RBC ( quoted the newspaper) for the fact that journalists did not even turn to her for comment. The presenter said that she was not connected with the presidential administration, but she was “bored and disgusting” from the state of modern politics, but did not declare that she would not go to the presidential elections in 2018.

Photo by Sergei Kuznetsov, RIA “News”

On Facebook that same day, she stated that the presidential election in 2018 “would be the right challenge for a person who wants to return the policy to the country,” and noted that “not only can, but should do something.” At the same time, Sobchak added that the media publications put her in a “difficult position”.

Not only am I not going anywhere yet – they are already trying to make me a puppet of the presidential administration. It’s a lie. I did not have and could not have any direct or indirect contacts with the presidential administration on this topic. I do not need their blessings.

I myself decide: how and what to do. No one will manipulate me, arranging plums and provocations in the press. And as soon as I decide or decide, you will know it from me personally.

Ksenia Sobchak

On September 5, Vladimir Putin, at the BRICS summit in China, commented onVedomosti ’s correspondent about the possible participation of Sobchak in the elections.

The fact that she is going to run, I hear the first time. I am sure that there may be other candidates, for sure they will be.

Vladimir Putin

The President stressed that he should not determine who is better for the Russian people, and noted that despite respect for Father Sobchak, personal attitude will not play any role in the elections.

On September 6, a source close to the presidential administration confirmed toRTVI that Sobchak will participate in the elections and intends to announce this soon. According to the publication’s interlocutor, “in the Kremlin, they are preparing the same role that billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov played in the 2012 elections” – then he scored 7.98% of the vote.

According to the source, “if you conduct the election campaign correctly”, Sobchak will be able to get 8-9%. No one knows who will head its headquarters, but he noted that those who worked with Prokhorov, as well as former employees of politician Alexei Navalny, can enter there. Prokhorov’s campaign headquarters was headed by a former NTV anchorman and friend Sobchak, journalist Anton Krasovsky.

RTVI asked Sobchak for comment on this information, but the TV host did not respond. However, the TV channel “Rain”, on which she works as a host, she saidthat she considers these messages to be a provocation.

I have already commented on this question. I consider that such connections between me and a certain administration are stuffing and provocation. I have no connections with anyone except with myself.

I am an independent person. If I make any decisions in the future, these will be my decisions. A week is being discussed by a certain person who himself has not made any statements, this is insanity and an attempt to discredit.

Ksenia Sobchak
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