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Experiment: Is McDonald’s Espresso Milk Shake So Good As British Police Say?

On September 24, in the UK Cop Humor account , they were told that the British police invented a new tasty drink based on existing ones from McDonald’s. The recipe,

  • Buy double espresso;
  • Buy vanilla milkshake 0.7 liters;
  • Do not immediately mix, but sip a little cocktail and pour espresso there. Otherwise everything will be spilled.

UK Cop Humour is a British movement created because of an abundance of criticism of the police. The authors want to create, on the contrary, a positive image of the profession. Roughly speaking, in UKCH accounts show that the police are also people.

The police even came up with the name of the uncomplicated “development” – McAffogato. About him began to talk in the official accounts of offices throughout the UK.

“Our poor admin in Snapchatche is uploaded due to photos and small videos from McAffogato like this”


“Finally try the long-awaited McAffogato, recommended by UKCopHumour. I recommend it to all colleagues who work at night in the next few days. ”

Under a similar hashtag, more and more photos and videos with a drink began to appear on the UK Cop Humour page – not only from law enforcement officers, but also from regular customers.

McAffogato became so popular on social networks that it attracted theattention of British tabloids. In the official account of McDonald’s, they even told us that they tried a drink on International Coffee Day.

“Who else celebrates International Coffee Day with a combo of espresso and vanilla milkshake? Thanks UKCopHumour for hint »

In part of the British “McDonald’s” launched a rally – a few days, the police gave out McAffogato for free. As a result, the fast food network made “hundreds” of drinks gratis .

The excitement around the “samizdat” drink from the UK was so high that it reached the Russian editions. We still have questions: is the McAffogato idea really so innovative and why did the British police like it so much?

Three editors  tested the idea on personal experience. On our side – many years of expertise in fast food and a desire to conduct a serious investigation. Immediately warn that the results of the experiment may not be completely clean for several reasons:

  • We came to McDonald’s not on an empty stomach, but after dinner;
  • we did not have enough McAffogato for the sociological sample;
  • We are not British police;
  • The test was conducted not in British cities, but in Moscow. Although the ingredients of espresso and milkshake are the same in both countries, products from different suppliers are used.


The editors of have concluded that there is nothing special about McAffogato: the resulting drink does not reveal any new taste. It seemed to one of us to look like cold coffee (which is also in the restaurant chain), to the other – to coffee with a large amount of milk, to the third – to the same milkshake with a slight taste of coffee.

According to the editors, the hype around McAffogato is overvalued. Probably, the British policemen convinced themselves that this drink helps them to survive one more night duty, but could it not be possible to get by just with an espresso? is forced to give a modest estimate – 3/5 for the taste of the drink, 2/5 – for originality.

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