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Concept: Points, “blocking” screens in sight

AdBlock in real life. Or at least the first step to it.

California startup IRL Labs launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for sunglasses that can “block” most TVs and digital billboards. With the help of special lenses, the screens within view seem to be turned off, turning into black rectangles for the owner of glasses.

According to a Nielsen study , on average, Americans watch screens more than 10 hours a day. Glasses should help users withstand this: horizontal polarization filters block the light of LCD and LED displays. The development still does not cope with smartphones and OLED billboards, but IRL Labs said they are working on it.

An example of using technology in an electronics store

Points are being tested. For a year, the creators of the “screen blocker” tested about five prototypes on themselves and friends. The crowdfunding campaign started on October 1st. For several days, the project points received 20 thousand dollars from the required 25 thousand dollars.

In 1988, billboards and billboards became the main sources of manipulation and “mental pollution”. After 30 years, the screens do the same thing: they tell us to obey, to meet someone’s standards and consume. It was only a matter of time who would start blocking the displays.

Ivan Cash
glasses developer

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