Chinese actress Fan Bingbing for the first time since July, appeared in social networks. She was fined for not paying taxes

The actress will have to pay almost 130 million dollars, otherwise she faces criminal penalties.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was fined for tax evasion, Xinhua news agency reported . According to the agency, Bingbing should pay almost 130 million dollars.

According to Xinhua, Bingbing hid her real earnings from the authorities in order to avoid paying “millions of dollars” in taxes. The actress and the companies that collaborated with her had to pay about $ 42 million.

Fan Bingbing. AP Photo

If the actress pays a fine, there will not be a criminal charge against her, as she is breaking the law for the first time.

After the Xinhua report, Bingbing made a public statement on social networks for the first time since July .

I sincerely apologize to everyone. As a public person, I have to follow the laws and be an example to society and industry. Even in search of financial gain, I should not lose my temper and bypass administrative procedures so as not to violate the law.

Without the Communist Party, good state policy, and without people’s love, there would be no Fan Bingbing.

Fan Bingbing

In September, it became known that since July 2018, Bingbin did not appear in social networks and in public. One of the possible reasons was called tax evasion, which TV presenters and movie stars of China massively evade.

Movie studios provided tax contracts with small amounts, and with employees entered into agreements for large sums. The police launched an investigation, and Bingbin became one of his defendants. The authorities have paid attention to her because she starred in Hollywood in secondary roles. Under the contract for tax she received $ 1.5 million, and in fact – about 8 million.

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