Apple Watch Series 4 turned out to be faster than iPhone 6s

The Apple Watch Series 4 has a new S4 chip installed. Despite the fact that Apple has repeatedly noted a significant increase in performance compared to previous smart watches, we have not seen any real performance tests.

Developer Steve Troton-Smith decided to check how the clock really works when launching a “heavy” application.

Taking the algorithm that describes the physical behavior of the frames and using the Metal engine, he launched a short straight animation on the Apple Watch Series 4 .

Those who are familiar with the development of a little closer, can not fail to notice the fact that the clock work out each frame without delay and lags. Honest 60 frames per second.

At the same time, the application consumed only 64% of the installed S4 chip power. And this says only one thing – the Apple Watch Series 4 smart watch turned out to be even faster than the iPhone 6s released three years ago. CoM ]

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