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Yakut scientists found a mammoth skeleton with soft tissues and wool

Scientists of the North-Eastern Federal University in a joint expedition with their Japanese colleagues found in the northeast of Yakutia the remains of a mammoth with soft tissues and wool. This was reported by the press service of the university.

Specialists of the Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North and the Japanese University of Kindai found an incomplete skeleton of a mammoth on August 12, 220 kilometers down the Yana River in the Yunyugen area, the so-called “mammoth cemetery”, Verkhoyansk district. As N + 1 was informed by the press service, the excavations continue, there are no other details about the find yet, they will be known when the expedition returns to Batagay settlement.

As noted in the message, earlier this same expedition discovered on the Batagay thermokarst pit a fully preserved carcass of a three-month-old foal of a fossil horse of about 30-40 thousand years old.

About what the fauna of northern Eurasia was in the time of mammoths in the late Pleistocene, you can read in our blog “On the mammoth fauna” .

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