What problems did the first owners of the iPhone XS face?

“Beauty Filter” on the self-camera, power off during charging, “idle” HDR and not only.

September 21 in the “first wave” of countries began selling iPhone XS . However, after only one and a half weeks, the first owners of smartphones complained of numerous problems.

Technoblogers and profile media told that the iPhone XS “improves” faces on selfies, does not charge when the screen is locked, it does not catch the cellular connection and Wi-Fi, and does not remove HDR. In addition, users complained about the incorrect operation of the iMessage application, which sends messages to the wrong people.

We found out what problems the iPhone XS and iOS 12 had at the start, what they could be caused by and why some of them can be considered “features” and not “bugs”.


September 28, the owners of the iPhone XS found in the smartphone function, which did not warn Apple. During the use of the front camera, the device “smoothed out” faces as in the popular “beauty filters” in Instagram and Snapchat. In the press, the problem was nicknamed the “beautyguide”.

Users found this dishonest, since the function can not be disabled and configured. Apple did not officially acknowledge the problem, but one of the bloggers said that the company contacted him and began working on a solution to the problem.

However, in fact, the cause of user complaints could be a new image processing processor, which is built into the A12 Bionic chip. He processes images using a multi-stage algorithm, which, among other things, removes “noise”, automatically adjusts the exposure, recognizes faces and not only.

Photos from the Apple presentation

In favor of this version also says that the effect becomes much more pronounced in poor lighting, when the image starts to “make noise”. However, the exact cause is still unknown – Apple did not make official statements.


On September 29, some iPhone XS owners complained to Reddit and Apple’s websitethat their smartphones were not charging when the screen was off. Soon the problem was confirmed by bloggers from the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel: they checked 10 new iPhones and found out that some of them do not really start charging before switching on from the “sleep mode”.

According to users, the problem can cause serious inconvenience: for example, if the smartphone was put on charge at night, then in the morning it will be completely discharged. Complaints began to spread in Twitter with the hashtag “chargegate”.

Apple did not react to the problem. Users suggested that the reason could be in the malfunctioning of the Lightning-cable data disconnection feature that appeared in iOS 12. It was implemented to increase the security of iPhones and prevent police from scrambling passwords with the help of tools that use the connector.

While it is not known how to solve the “chargegate”: in some cases, the inclusion of the display helps, and in others it is necessary to pull out and insert the wire.


During the presentation of new iPhones, Apple announced the Smart-HDR feature, which is an extended version of the usual HDR. Instead of three different pictures, the smartphone makes 9 and combines them to get the best version of a particular photo.

On October 1, some bloggers complained that the Smart-HDR did not work. They came to this conclusion, because they did not find in their photos any pictures with the mark “HDR”, although the function was turned on.

we conducted the experiment and found out that in fact Smart-HDR works, just not as users are used to. It turned out that the iPhone XS does not tag HDR pictures with a special badge, unless the settings say “save the original”: apparently, Apple decided that in this case the user does not care how the picture was taken.

Antennagate. Continuation

In 2010, during the release of the iPhone 4, Apple ran into an antenna tag – due to the unfortunate location of the antenna, the signal of the cellular network fell sharply if users held the smartphone in their left hand and touched the antenna. Then the company offered to use covers and hold the phone with the other hand.

September 25, 2018, some owners of the iPhone XS complained of a similar problem. Many users from the United States reported that they are not good at catching both cellular communications and Wi-Fi compared to the iPhone X. Judging by the responses, the problem was not limited to a specific region of the country or the operator.

At the same time, other users reported that not only did not notice the slowdown, but, on the contrary, noted the performance increase. In social networks, a version appeared that all the fault was the new Intel modems that Apple began to use instead of Qualcomm chips due to a conflict with patents and payment of royalties.

However, engineer and blogger Andrew Shepperd decided to find the source of the problem and examined the data of the Federal Communications Commission, where the iPhone was certified. According to him, the reason for poor communication is the insufficient antenna power: in places with a bad signal, it actually catches worse than the iPhone X, but where the reception is good it works faster than its predecessor.

Sheppard suggested that Apple could fix the problem by updating the firmware of the modem in the next version of iOS or putting a more powerful antenna in the next installments of the iPhone XS.

Problems with iMessage in iOS 12

On September 17, Apple released iOS 12, but here it was not without problems. Users of the new system began to complain that iMessage messages do not come from those to whom they are being sent.

The problem is related to minor changes in the application’s performance. Previously, correspondence with the same user through iMessage and via SMS looked like two different chat rooms, but in the update Apple decided to combine them into one. However, this led to the appearance of a bug, because of which messages are not sent to those users, and in one dialogue, two different people can “unite”.

“Does anyone know how to fix this bug iOS 12, which combines two contacts together? Because my mom and sister are now in the same dialogue, so I’ll write to my sister through snapchat »

Apple has not yet commented on the problem, but will probably correct it in the next update of the system.

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