Users return iPhone XS due to low-quality displays

One of the users of Reddit published a very curious note. He claims that the iPhone XS has a display that is inferior in quality to the display of the iPhone X.

Over the past week, the user had to return from six iPhones. The reason for the return was “a poor-quality image on the display.” In this case, the iPhone XS Max is all right.

The result of incorrect calibration is obvious. On the right is the iPhone X whose picture is okay.

The main problem of iPhone XS is the excessive display of yellow color. That is, the picture is too warm, and the white color is more like gray. In iPhone X, there is no such problem.

With True Tone disabled, the situation is better, but the characteristic “yellowness” is present.

When the True Tone function is active, the picture quality generally violates any valid canons. The effect of “reducing eye strain” too aggressively adds to the color palette yellow. As a result, the already “warm” display becomes almost red.

In turn, the contrast of the picture is disgusting. IPhone X has no such problem. Reddit ]

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