This is something! Overview of the Oppo Find X smartphone with a hidden camera

I hold in my hands the newest smartphone from the company OPPO, which has every chance of becoming, if not the most famous smartphone of 2018, then certainly the most beautiful.

And high-tech: the impression that the engineers were given a full carte blanche to use the most top-end components and the most daring developments in the field of mobile gadgets.

Briefly, I have a smartphone with a really frameless rounded screen , without any protrusions and eyebrows, with a motorized camera mechanism. The color of the smartphone is not uniform, but smoothly changing from purple to blue-black, making it possible to photograph a gadget.

This is the new OPPO Find X – unusual, innovative, powerful. Let’s look:

Appearance: glass, no frames and hidden camera. Whack!

Today’s reality is that all manufacturers copy the “apple” reception with a black bar at the top of the screen, under which the front camera and various sensors are hidden.

We have become accustomed to this element and perceive it without fear, considering the flagships of many Chinese and Korean manufacturers.

In Oppo decided to completely abandon the “monobrovi”, so that the screen took an honest 93.8% of the area of ​​the front panel.

Cameras, and the main and front, as well as all the sensors, hide just below the screen : the top of the smartphone leaves the glass case, as if the periscope, if you activate the application “camera” or unlock the smartphone with your face.

At first glance it seems that this is the most fragile unit in the OPPO Find X design: personally I sincerely believe that the fewer mechanical elements, the better and safer.

However, the manufacturer assures that the telescopic mechanism has a power reserve of 300,000 openings and closures. Of course, for a week of testing, I did not use up the entire resource, but you get used to this unusual way of activating the camera instantly.

Despite the fact that all sensors are also hiding in the case with the cameras, the smartphone reacts to the change of lighting, automatically changing the brightness of the screen, and recognizes the touch to the ear during conversations: the screen goes blank.

It remains to add that the mobile module leaves the body approximately 1 cm almost noiseless: you can hear the buzz of the mechanism only in complete silence.

To consume 1% of the battery charge, you need to activate the exit mechanism at least 20 times.

The case itself is completely glass (using Gorilla Glass of the 5th generation), with a metal frame and simply stunning coloring: a gradient transition of colors from violet (or blue) to black plays and shimmers into the light.

At the ends of the case you can find a standard set of 3 buttons: two for volume control and one for turning the gadget on or off. The tray for 2 sim cards is located on the bottom of the smartphone, next to the USB-C connector, but there is no audio input 3.5 mm in the OPPO Find X.

But it does not matter: the headset is bundled with the smartphone, vaguely reminiscent of one of the “apple” company, and if you are used to your own – use a 3.5 mm USB-C adapter, which is also included.

In the kit there is even a plastic case, so you do not need to buy a protective “clothes” for a handsome man. And as a pleasant bonus – on the screen “out of the box” a protective film is glued.

Top filling, as befits a premium flagship


The novelty of OPPO is positioned as a smartphone in the premium segment. So in the glass-metal case is hidden the most powerful chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 , which together with 8 GB of RAM will cope with any toys and applications.

There is no memory card slot, and it is not needed: in OPPO Find X 256 GB of internal memory, and from my own experience I can say that this volume is more than enough for everything.


The main decoration of the smartphone is a screen , and Find X has it very good. Diagonal 6.4 inches, AMOLED-matrix and FullHD + resolution: all colors are very juicy, the picture is bright, and the viewing angles are wide. Colors are not distorted, even if you look at the screen at a large angle.

Separately, I want to note the high speed of charging the smartphone: VOOC technology allows you to charge OPPO Find X from zero to 50% in just 15 minutes . A full charge takes only 35 minutes.

The battery has a capacity of 3 400 mAh, and from experience I can say that far from the outlet the gadget will work all day exactly, and if you use it not very actively – it’s all 1.5 days.


If you look closely at the photos of this gadget, you will notice the absence of a fingerprint scanner. Yes, it is not at all and the manufacturer offers to unlock Find X with a password only or by scanning the owner’s face.

Face scanning is not simple, but highly technological: when you configure this function, 15,000 points are projected onto the face , thanks to which a 3D model is created, which the smartphone learns from the owner.

Despite the speed and convenience of this method of unlocking, completely refusing a fingerprint scanner can cause some inconvenience: Google Play does not support confirmation of purchases by the face scanner, so every time you buy applications you need to drive your good old password.

What kind of camera in OPPO Find X?

The smartphone has a dual camera: the first module is 16 megapixel from Sony with f / 2.0 diaphragm, optical and electronic stabilization.

It is worth noting that the identical 16-megapixel module Sony delivers for another flagship smartphone called OnePlus.

The second module is 20 megapixel, also manufactured by Sony. This module is responsible for blurring the background in portrait mode and helps to get more detailed pictures in low light conditions.

The front camera is 25 megapixel, also from Sony. For the ideal “self-paced” smartphone uses the smart facial enhancement function with the help of 3D modeling and preset templates-“improvers” made on the basis of thousands of self-portraits.

The heading ” somewhere we’ve already seen it “: In OPPO Find X you can create an animated character that looks like a living person. This avatar can express emotions, and you can make a sticker from an animated person and use it when communicating in instant messengers.

Examples of photos taken on OPPO Find X:


OPPO Find X runs on Android OS Oreo 8.1, over which the proprietary shell ColorOS 5.1 is installed. The interface works smoothly, no slowdowns and hangs can not be seen.

From the interesting – you can activate control only by gestures, hiding virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen, hide information and applications in a special “digital safe”, and thanks to the pre-installed expansion of Game Space, you can adjust the performance of the smartphone during running games , limit the ability to make calls and receive messages.

The perfect smartphone? Almost

The first impression of OPPO Find X: a very cool gadget. The camera is like this – vzhzhuh! The case shines in the light – wow! Frameless screen – yeah!

A few days later I began to worry about the advisability of the sliding mechanism: it is clear that before the launch of the smartphone in the “series” the sliding module was repeatedly tested, but in the laboratory .

In practice, the pull mechanism on one side protects the “eye” of the camera from possible scratches and fingerprints, but on the other – the dust still gets on the camera, and here the movable elements themselves can cause scratches if crumbs or some particles are between the body of the gadget and the mobile platform.

Well, waiting for Oppo Find X serious moisture and dust protection is not worth it. I would not dare turn the camera on in the rain.

The case of the smartphone is glossy and beautiful exactly until the moment you took the device in your hand. All prints perfectly stay on Find X from all directions, both front and back. Prepare to carry a cleaning cloth or put on a case where the smartphone does not look so effective.

The most important shortcoming for me is that the flagship smartphone does not have an NFC module . I can not explain this decision of the manufacturer, I deeply regret that I can not pay in the store with such a beautiful gadget.

In the rest, I could not find any objective shortcomings. OPPO Find X is convenient in the hand, it’s nice to use, and the design and gradient color of the case attract the curious looks of others.

Outcome: expensive and impressive. Really premium


Despite a somewhat unusual solution with outgoing cameras, OPPO Find X looks impressive and futuristic. This is a real original smartphone , which, though reminiscent of remotely gadgets from a Korean manufacturer, but has its own personal features and original “chips”.

This is a smartphone, whose task is to produce a “wow” effect on others. OPPO Find X handles this task perfectly.

The most important thing is the price. In the Russian segment OPPO Find X in 2 colors was already sold out at a price of 69,999 rubles . Calm down! Do not forget that this is:

a) flagship smartphone category “premium” 
b) gadget with top filling, photomodules from Sony and 256 GB of memory

This smartphone will definitely find its fans, thanks to a powerful stuffing, a good camera, a unique fast charge and a really limitless screen. Quite a few people will scold Find X for the lack of an NFC module and an increased corpuscularity.

I sincerely hope that the first will still be more than the second.

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