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The New Zealand company approved a four-day working week without a pay cut after a successful test

The results of the experiment showed that an extra day off helped employees better concentrate on their work.

Head of the Perpetual Guardian Andrew Barnes

In March 2018, Perpetual Guardian transferred the employees to a four-day workweek as part of the experiment , while paying them a patch for five days. On October 2, the company’s management summed up the results of the six-week testing and announced the final transition to the new system.

Scientists checking the indicators during the experiment, said that in all offices in New Zealand, the staff decreased the stress indicator and increased efficiency. Also, staff began to complain less about the lack of balance between work and life.

The transition to a new system in the Perpetual Guardian will be voluntary. Employees can keep themselves a five-day workweek: then they will be allowed to come to work later and leave early to avoid traffic jams and do their own business.

Minister of Labor Relations of New Zealand Ian Lis-Galloway described the results of the four-day working week as “very interesting” and said that he was interested in working with enterprises studying new models for a modern office.

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