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The Japanese made a robot builder. He can install drywall

The Japanese research institute AIST has developed an anthropoid robot that is capable of performing simple repair tasks. Let’s say attach a sheet of drywall.

In the video, the robot with the muted name HRP-5P raises the plasterboard, applies it to the wall and nails it. According to the idea of ​​the creators, AIST is useful in large buildings, where from time to time you need to carry out minor repairs. It is also possible that HRP-5P can be used to work on ships.

Resource The Verge notes that the appearance of such a robot coincides with the forecast of Oxford University for 2013, which dealt with the automation of a number of works. Then the experts decided that the robot would displace the “live” expert in the installation of drywall with a probability of 79%. It looks like the process has begun.

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