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The founder of the chain of stores “Red & White” became a dollar billionaire and attracted the attention of Bloomberg

The network is criticized for “destroying the market”, but it is already able to compete with “Dixie”, “Auchan” and “Lenta”.

Sergey Studennikov. Photo by Ekaterina Kuzmina, RBC

Bloomberg agency published a lot of material about the chain of stores selling alcohol “Red & White”. The publication drew attention to the retailer, calling it the founder and owner of Chelyabinsk, Sergei Studennikov, the “newest” dollar billionaire from Russia.

The main theses from the material.

  • “Red & White” is the fastest growing Russian retailer with 6700 points of sales in 57 regions. On average, there are six new stores a day. The head office is in Chelyabinsk;
  • Studentnikov believes that his network is “shops near the house.” He aims to change the attitude of Russians to alcohol, so that he “arouses a taste for life.” He cites as an example Italy and France, “where they drink from pleasure, and not to get drunk to death”;
  • In 2017, network sales grew by 50% (to 215 billion rubles), from the beginning of 2018 – by 40%;
  • Bloomberg did not indicate the amount by which Studennikov’s condition was assessed;
  • By 2021, “Red & White” is able to bypass “Dixie” and “Auchan” in the list of the largest food retailers in the country. And then fight with “Lenta” for the third place;
  • “Red & White” “destroys the market”, underrating the price of alcohol compared to its competitors, the research company Infoline. So the network lures customers from traditional retailers;
  • Bloomberg describes the situation in Russia as follows: “In 18 years, Vladimir Putin has created restrictions on the sale of alcohol to the population, which is still recovering from the period of the 90s that followed the collapse of communism. Prohibitions for kiosks and advertising, tracking systems for goods and increased taxes have led to a decrease in consumption “;
  • For the first time, he became a dollar billionaire. However, since 2015 he is included in the rating of the richest Russian businessmen according to Forbes. In 2018, he took the 115th line of the list with a state of 950 million dollars – between Viktor Remsha (Finam) and Ratmir Timashev (Veeam Software).
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