The eighth season of the “Game of Thrones” will return a long-time character

Specialist on visual effects “Games of Thrones” Joe Bauer confirmed the information about the appearance in the final season of the series of a long-known character. Unfortunately, it’s not about Ned Starcke – the ghostwolf Ghost will return to the screens, which John Snow has got the puppy.

In the Seventh Season Ghost was not, but next year the wormhole is given enough screen time. Bauer also noted that it’s difficult to work with such a creature – for the shooting, the real wolf animation is usually used, but it does not have to coincide with the prototype.

The eighth season of the “Game of Thrones” will officially be the last. He will receive only six episodes, but more money will be spent on their production than in previous seasons. The premiere is expected in the beginning or the middle of next year.

The series is based on George Martin’s “Song of Ice and Flame”. The action takes place in a fantasy world where different factions are fighting for power. The work is distinguished by an abundance of cruel and frank scenes, as well as the murder of the main characters.

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