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The author of books about the witcher requires from CD Projekt RED $ 16 million

Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski expects from CD Projekt RED a sum of sixteen million dollars. The motivation is the following: he received money only for the first game in the series, and the whole company released three projects. Accordingly, you need to “finish” in two more parts.

Representatives CD Projekt RED with the requirements do not agree : the message on the company’s website says that the projects of the series The Witcher came out in accordance with all agreements, and the terms of the transaction are not violated. Poles also said that they would like to settle the situation peacefully and try to maintain a good relationship with the writer who inspired them to create games about the witch Geralt.

Sapkovsky has not yet filed a lawsuit. Also it is not clear why the writer was waiting for so much: the third part of The Witcher came out already three years ago. Now CD Projekt RED is busy with a new game – Cyberpunk 2077.

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