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The American died from a brain-eating amoeba in the pool. This is the first time since 2016.

Negleria Fowler is called and lives only in warm fresh water.

Fabrizio Stabile. Photo Gofundme

Surfer Fabrizio Stabile (Fabrizio Stabile), who visited the wave pool in the city of Waco (Texas), died a few days later. The 29-year-old American was infected with the amoeba of Healer Fowler, known as the “Brain Eater”.

The incident with Stabile occurred on September 16th. According to the page on Gofundme to collect help for his family, he came to Waco from New Jersey. There the surfer visited the freshwater swimming pool with waves to ride the board. However, after a few hours the American became ill: he lost concentration and the ability to speak. He was taken to the hospital, but the doctors could not help – Stabile died on September 21.

According to doctors, the surfer swallowed a brain-eating amoeba with water. Most often, Fawla’s Hegleria enters the body through the nose, and also loves a warm environment and fresh stagnant water. The bacterium infects the central nervous system and causes primary and functional meningioencephalitis. No other cases of infection were revealed to visitors of this basin, it was closed for the period of investigation.

Negleria Fowler is a unicellular organism that causes a rare infection of the brain, which in most cases is fatal. Received its nickname because it devours the tissues in the nose and brain, before infecting the carrier. It is extremely rare: from 1962 to 2017, only 143 cases were recorded. In the USA, the last incident occurred in 2016.

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