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Ronaldo was accused of rape. Police of Las Vegas resumed the investigation, started in 2009

The footballer called the information “fake news”, and his lawyers promised a retaliatory lawsuit.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Getty Photos

Police in Las Vegas resumed the investigation into the rape case started in 2009. In September 2018, the victim disclosed the name of the accused – they were the attacker of Juventus and the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo.

Statement by Catherine Mayorga

On September 28, the German edition of Der Spiegel published an accusation against US citizen Kathryn Mayorga about Ronaldo. According to the victim, in June 2009, a Portuguese football player raped her in a hotel room in Las Vegas. She stated that she has been struggling with memories for many years, and recently she was diagnosed with clinical depression.

As early as 2017 Der Spiegel wrote that Mayorga and Ronaldo agreed to forget about this story. They allegedly signed a pre-trial agreement in 2010 – the woman received 375 thousand dollars. However, in September 2018, American lawyers appealed to the Nevada Non-Disclosure Agreement and told everything publicly.

Der Spiegel also published part of the documents from the agreement of Ronaldo and Mayorga. They claim that at the time of the incident the girl was about 20 years old and she was married. The Portuguese confirmed the fact of having sex with an American, but by mutual consent. However, the files are attached to the case with medical examination after the events, on the body of the Mayorga, damage was recorded

Reply to Cristiano Ronaldo

On September 30, Ronaldo conducted a live broadcast in Instagram and answered questions from subscribers. When asked about accusations, the football player replied: “They just want to advance at the expense of my name. This is normal”. He called rape reports “fake news”.

Counsel Ronaldo told Reuters that he would sue Der Spiegel for publishing a “blatantly illegal” statement about rape. According to the lawyers of the Portuguese, they will also demand compensation for moral damage, since they consider the incident “one of the most serious violations of personal rights” in the last few years.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Catherine Mayorga in Las Vegas in 2009. Photos SkyNews


On 2 October, the Las Vegas police resumed the investigation on the Mayorga statement in 2009. Then the victim refused to publicly name the attacker, but underwent a medical examination. However, in 2018, the American changed her mind, because she hired new lawyers and was inspired by the movement against the harassment of #MeToo .

The police have not yet been told whether Der Spiegel materials will be used in the investigation. In those documents that were published, it is indicated that Mayorga lay in the hospital for about 24 hours after the incident, and also that she promised to remove all photos or videos of evidence of possible bodily harm. The publication also contains details on drafting an agreement between the player and the victim, for example, that she is obliged to return him compensation if he violates the agreement on silence.

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