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“Kalashnikov” showed in action combat artificial intelligence

Concern “Kalashnikov” presented an automatic control station for weapons under the control of combat artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is built on the basis of neural networks and can continue learning in the process of work. The video shows one of the modes of operation in which the station scans the sector of the operational space, recognizes threatening objects.

Judging by the video, all objects in the field of view of the system are hostile – the AI ​​has amazed them, sparing no one. The exception was a black dot.

The system, according to the website of the concern, indicates the type of object (person or machine), decides on the necessary number of shots for guaranteed destruction and performs a defeat. Stations are installed both on stationary facilities and on equipment, and can be combined into a single network for concerted actions, for example, such as perimeter protection.

The weapon is equipped with a gyrostabilization system that allows fire in motion, and two-spectral optics, which allows the complex to be used at any time of day and in conditions of reduced visibility. Under the control of combat artificial intelligence, the station can successfully perform tasks without a human operator. Martial Artificial Intelligence performs the functions of detection and recognition of targets, determines priorities in the sequence of defeat, gives commands to the accompaniment machine and decides to open fire.

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