Jeremy Clarkson on Bentley with Stalin’s gypsum head. This is the shooting of The Grand Tour in Georgia

He also visited the museum of the Soviet leader.

Shot from the plot of the Georgian channel 1TV

In early September, the shooting of the new season of the TV show The Grand Tour started in Georgia. British presenter Jeremy Clarkson, along with his teammates Richard Hammond and James May-travels to Josef Stalin’s homeland with a plaster bust of the Soviet leader on the Bentley hood.

Journalists of Georgian TV channel 1TV met with the team of The Grand Tour near Batumi. They removed the passage of the film crew and the leading ones: a plaster head was installed on Clarkson’s car. The presenter not for the first time fixes unusual objects in the car – on the shooting of India, he mounted a toilet in the trunk and joked that when visiting the country, tourists “start diarrhea.”

As told British presenter team visited Batumi and visited the house-museum of Stalin in Gori. The news 1TV indicated that the Grand Tour should talk about world-famous dictators, including Mao Zedong. Other details of the plot Clarkson did not disclose.

On YouTube channel 1TV have published a more detailed video about the parking of the team The Grand Tour near the village of Khurvaleti. In the frame were Clarkson, May and Hammond, as well as several cars of the Georgian police, which accompanies the film crew.

The Grand Tour account, as well as May and Clarkson, also publish photos and videos from a trip to Georgia. A trip to the Stalin Museum, a menu in Georgian and landscapes.


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