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“It’s like a scene from Indiana Jones”: The FBI hit the house with the traps set by the former owner

The agent shot a cartridge from the gun when he moved the wheelchair.

The former owner of a room in the US state of Oregon was charged with attacking a federal official. This happened almost a month after the FBI agent received a gunshot wound from a gun, trapped in a wheelchair.

A policeman near the jacuzzi trap. Photos Joseph Charter

On September 7, the FBI arrived at the house in Williams, the district of Josephine. Law enforcement agencies responded to a request from a real estate attorney. As they say in the materials submitted to the court, the officers found traps located throughout the territory.

It was very similar to the scene from the 1981 film Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Ark, in which Harrison Ford is forced to flee from the huge boulder that he accidentally launched, trapped.

from the FBI appeal to the court

Among other things, the FBI saw strips of thorns, which block the road to cars, as well as a jacuzzi, which, when the gate was opened, slid towards the incoming. But the agents did not get caught, because they saw the wire leading to the gate in time.

The staff of the bureau neutralized several traps and homemade ammunition. For example, one of them – made of cartridges for a gun and a rat-catcher – was supposed to work when the garage was opened.

Then the FBI blew up the front door of the house. When they tried to go in, they saw a wheelchair in front of them. One of the members of the operational group pushed the device and immediately heard an explosion. The FBI agent immediately reported a wound in the leg: he could still stand, but was bleeding. He was given first aid and sent to a nearby hospital.

According to the FBI, the attacker made a trap of construction debris, fishing line and cartridges of 410 caliber for a shotgun. According to the authorities, homemade weapons were made by 66-year-old Gregory Rodwell. Earlier, the court ordered him to sell the property to compensate the mother in the case of bullying.

Gregory Rodwell

Rodwelt since April, 2017 is under arrest on separate suspicions in threat with fire-arms. In August, the court released him for two weeks, so he prepared the property for sale. According to the neighbors, during this period, Rodvelt did return home and made a lot of noise at night. Presumably, it was then that he placed all the traps.

The FBI agent, whose name is hidden in court documents, left the hospital on September 17. Within a few weeks after the agent’s wound, the house was once again checked by a group of military experts, a real estate attorney said.

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