In the Baltic Sea, after the explosion, a ferry caught fire – on board 335 people

The Ministry of Emergency Situations announced the rescue of all passengers and crew members.

Ferry Regina Seaways. Photo of GLP

In the Baltic Sea, 135 kilometers from Kaliningrad, on the ferry Regina Seaways there was an explosion and a fire. On the ship going from the German Kiel to Klaipeda in Lithuania, there are 335 people. According to the secretary of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport Alexei Kravchenko, their lives are not threatened.

According to Kravchenko, the incident occurred in the economic zone of Russia, so the Russian border ship and the maritime rescue and coordination center Kaliningrad are engaged in a rescue operation. Also involved Lithuanian helicopter and tug – the vessel follows the flag of Lithuania.

On board there are 335 people, including 37 crew members. All of them are on the ferry, but in a safe place, away from the engine room.

Alexey Kravchenko
Secretary of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport

The main department of the Ministry for Emergency Situations in the Kaliningrad region reported that 335 people, including crew members, were rescued from the ship. The fire was localized and soon extinguished. The ferry drifts at a distance of 40 nautical miles from Cape Taran.

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