Huawei Mate 20, presumably, was noticed in the benchmark. He succumbed to the iPhone Xs

On the Internet there were test results in the benchmark Geekbench device Huawei, code-named LYA-L29. Apparently, this is the flagship smartphone Mate 20 or its Pro-version.

The device is equipped with 6 GB of RAM and runs on the current Android 9 Pie. The processor model is specified, but it is known that the chip has eight cores. On board the Mate 20 is expected Kirin 980, made by the process technology of 7 nm.

The smartphone scored 3390 points in the single-core test mode and 10 318 points in the multi-core test. In both cases, the indicators are worse than the iPhone Xs with the A12 Bionic chip: Apple’s flagship earnsapproximately 4,800 and 11,500 points respectively. However, this is not yet official tests, besides, it is not reported exactly which smartphone Huawei participated in the test.

The premiere of Mate 20 will be on October 16th.

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