How to upgrade to public beta of iOS 11 instead of private

With WWDC 17 I use the beta version of iOS 11 for developers, decided to switch to a public beta. How to do it?

Hello, Stanislav.

I can say that it makes no sense to change the test version for developers to the public version. Bugs and instability of work are present in one and the other firmware. In the version for developers, new options and chips appear a little earlier.

If you still decide to make such a transition, proceed as follows:


1. Back up the data in iTunes or iCloud.

2. Go to Settings – General – Profiles and delete the iOS Beta Software Profile that was added to the beta version of iOS 11.

3. Connect your smartphone to your computer and start iTunes.

4. Turn off the iPhone, hold down the Power button for 3 seconds, do not release it, and press the Home key (or the volume down button in the case of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus). Hold both buttons for another 10 seconds. iTunes will see the device in recovery mode.

5. Click the Restore and Update button and wait until the process is complete.

6. Get the smartphone with the latest official firmware version of iOS 10.3.2.

7. Now register or authorize the site of beta testers Apple .

8. Register your device and go to the link in the browser on the device itself.

9. Download and install the profile to access the public beta.

10. We check for updates in the iOS settings ( Settings -> General -> Software Update ), when the device detects an update, agree and wait for the end of the procedure.

11. After enabling, you can restore data from a previously created backup.

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