Guess the most popular iPhone in Russia. The answer here (mda)

Despite the fact that Apple constantly boasts record sales of new smartphones, one remains unchanged. Try yourself to guess which smartphone company remains the most popular on the market?

What smartphones do Russians use?

Yota decided to deal with this issue . And, as it turned out, Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi became its most popular companies.

Which operating system is more popular?

Of course, Android prevails with a 72%, iOS – 22%. Smartphones on this operating system are mostly cheaper than the analogues from the Cupertino.

What are the most popular smartphones from Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi?

Apple users have everything unchanged. The most popular model: iPhone 5s . At Samsung: Galaxy J1, at Xiaomi: Redmi 4X.

How much do Russians spend on a smartphone on average?

Subscribers Yota on average spend on the purchase of a smartphone about 25 thousand rubles . In 2017 this indicator was 22 thousand rubles, and in 2016 – 23 thousand rubles. And who is talking about the crisis in the country?

So which iPhone is the most popular in Russia?

In Russia they love the technique of Apple, but many do not rush to update. They just need an iPhone 5s, which in perfect condition costs less than 15 thousand rubles.

But if you consider the options more expensive, then the buyers start to think. After all, you can find a flagship smartphone, which will be much cheaper than iPhones.

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