Apple Pay Cash can soon make money in Russia. What it is?

With the release of iOS 11, the Kupertinovites rolled out a convenient system of money transfers Apple Pay Cash . It allows you to transfer money directly through iMessage.

How Apple Pay Cash Works

This system works to the point of insanity simply.

You have a virtual Pay Cash card, on which you can throw money from any account. You write to the interlocutor that you need such a sum, and he gets the opportunity of instant translation .

For example, “Nikita, throw off 1000 rubles.” Nikita will display a button to transfer this amount.

The payment you receive on the Pay Cash card, it can pay for purchases in stores through Apple Pay.

Supported by:

• iPhone 6 
• iPhone 6 Plus 
• iPhone 6s 
• iPhone 6s Plus 
• iPhone SE 
• iPhone 7 
• iPhone 7 Plus 
• iPhone 8 
• iPhone 8 Plus 
• iPhone X 
• iPhone XS 
• iPhone XS Max 
• iPhone XR 
• All models of iPad Pro 
• iPad Air 2 and higher 
• iPad mini 3 and above

An important condition is the availability of iOS 11.2 or higher .

So when to wait in Russia?

Probably, very soon the system of transfers will work in Europe, including Russia. This was noticed by the blog

It is alleged that the Pay Cash card has become available in France, but so far it can not be configured yet. In Russia the situation is similar, here is a screenshot with Apple Watch.


In addition, the official page for supporting Apple Pay Cash is now translated from English to many others around the world. Here is the Russian version of the site .

Well, are we waiting for the speedy official launch of Apple Pay Cash in Russia?

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