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American engineer spent 6 thousand dollars to try to revoke patents on radar for UAVs Waymo

He simply did not believe that the company was the first to think about it.

Engineer Eric Svildens (Eric Swildens) from the United States spent 6 thousand dollars of their own funds to revoke patents Waymo – a subsidiary of the holding Alphabet holding, Google. The man is not associated with the industry of self-driving cars, he was confident that the company could not think of the technology LIDAR first. It is reported Art Technica.

Svildens filed 56 patent complaints # 936, describing Waymo’s key technology. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has denied 53 of them. In a conversation with journalists, the engineer said that he simply “could not imagine that the lidars did not exist before.”

Waymo filed a patent on its own lidar technology in 2013. Patent No. 936 became the key evidence in court against Uber in 2016. Uber then had to make concessions and give up shares worth $ 245 million so that Waymo refused the suit.

As noted by the Engadget edition, perhaps the company should not have given up so easily. Most of the engineer’s complaints were denied due to the fact that the technology was previously patented by another lidar manufacturer, Velodyne.

Coincidentally, it was she who sold Waymo lidars before she started designing them herself. As reporters noted, now Velodyne could theoretically sue Waymo for infringing intellectual property. However, before this, Velodyne itself defended the claim from another company that also develops lidars.

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