What to do if someone stole an iPhone

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Andrei Maximovich wrote to us . In his letter, the situation is described, which every iPhone owner can face – theft of the device.

How to be and what to do read from the first mouth.

I was robbed of an iPhone. What to do?


Hello. I want to share the story with the theft of iPhone from my girlfriend. The current situation can serve as a good instruction on what to do if you have stolen an iPhone.

It was in August. My girlfriend and I went to another city to take a walk, look at shopping. We visited several sights and went to a huge shopping center.

During the trip, calls, SMS messages and the Internet were used mainly from my phone; she was lying in a bag at the bottom. We walked to the shops and suddenly she noticed the loss.

Naturally immediately in tears, hysterics. I, as an experienced user of Apple products, immediately begin operational activities.

I rang – the phone is already off. I went to Find the iPhone and blocked it. The phone was offline, and the last geolocation was not.

Further, after consulting with friends from the authorities, went to the police department for this area to write a statement. In the police the person on duty gave the application form and we filled it.

It is important to write a statement about the theft , as it is required to bring a criminal case. If you write indefinitely, they say “could lose”, “dropped out”, then the application, of course, will be accepted, but they will be denied soon.

We wrote a statement and specifically pointed out that there was a theft. They stressed that the damage to us is significant (this is also important). We indicated in the application our IMEI. After that the application was accepted, registered and told to wait for the call.

How the police work with the loss of the iPhone

As my acquaintances explained to me, the police actions were to be as follows:

  1. The phone is put on the wanted list
  2. IMEI-norm is transferred to a special department and put on a search until it is inserted into the SIM-card and turned on.
  3. As soon as the smartphone is turned on, a SIM card is detected. The authorities immediately get access to the owner of the SIM-card, go to him and take our phone.

In the end, the device found in the future solemnly handed to the owner.

Letter of happiness

But all this is only in theory. In practice, a month and a half passed, and from the police, there were no notifications on our case. Comments like: denied the initiation of criminal proceedings, or events are being held, also not.

And then a message comes to the iCloud mail: “iPhone **** was found at 19.55 on such a street. The loss mode is activated, the phone was locked. ”

Of course, I was very happy, because the thieves now had only a few options: either ask us for a good ransom, or carry an iPhone for spare parts.

The next day we called the police department to give this information to the executor of our case. Hoped that she would help him. It turned out that the operative officer refused to initiate criminal proceedings, and it was necessary to apply to him with all questions. But only before this employee can not get through, do not get through.

Never in a hurry

A day after that letter from the iCloud service, I received four SMS-messages in a row. Under all the sender is signed as “iCloud”.

So and so, the pier iPhone 6 16 Gb Silver was discovered. Click on the link where you can see the exact location of the device.

On emotions, I click on the link. There is a mirror site I enter there the data of the Apple ID, but it does not allow me (of course). I go from the computer and see the following picture: the phone has already been deleted from iCloud.

Thus, the attacker in a very beautiful manner received a username and password from the iPhone blocked on iCloud. I was caught on emotions. I wanted to get information about the place of detection as soon as possible, and I myself got hooked.

The SMS did not confuse anything. I thought that the Find iPhone function could send me an SMS, because I posted it in a message on the locked screen.


The domain of the site, which I went to in a hurry and where I beat my Apple ID data, looked like: . For some reason, at that moment I decided that this is our official Russian mirror for iCloud service.

I hope that this scheme will help others not to buy into this trick.

From the Editorial Board

Andrew, thank you for contacting us. The situation you are facing is a very common type of fraud, called phishing .

In translation from English fishing means “fishing”. SMS-message and supposedly official mirror iCloud is a bait, and the owner of a lost / stolen device acts as a fish.

Remember, the address of the official iCloud service is:

Services like,, and the like are scammers. They have nothing to do with the only official site .

Be attentive and when you lose your smartphone are especially vigilant to this kind of messages.

PS If you have any questions related to Apple products and its operation, go to the Help section . Authors of technical support will try to solve any problems and eliminate the problems associated with your device.

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