The most important setting of the iPhone, which is almost completely disabled

Smartphone today is not only a means of communication, but also a safe for important confidential information. Manufacturers have long taken care to reliably protect data with passwords, fingerprints and face scanning.

With a high degree of probability, an attacker who has stolen a phone will not receive any important file or record from the device.

What else is required to protect in a smartphone

SIM card! It can act as a means of payment, the second step when verifying the user on third-party sites and services, contain the contact details written on it and important SMS.

Many operators practice the connection of family tariffs, with the main SIM card used to manage the account.

Even if scammers do not get anything from the stolen iPhone, it’s easy to steal money from the SIM card and damage the user.

Specific example


If the iPhone owner has lost his favorite smartphone, he needs to implement a number of measures and actions . The faster to do something, the greater the chance that the device will light up and it will be possible to find it.

In doing so, do not forget that you should lock the SIM card .

His phone with a convenient application at hand is gone, you’ll have to look for or ask someone, remember the support number, call him, hang for a few minutes in the queue, enjoying the “uninviting” melody, explain the situation to employee # 356, go through identification and remember secret codes for confirmation.

The elapsed time can be used to search for a smartphone if the SIM card is locked.

In a stolen smartphone without unlocking it is useless, and if you install it in another phone, you will need a confirmation code.

As a result, the password on the SIM card significantly reduces the number of actions when a smartphone is lost or stolen.

How to set a password

Very simple:

1. Go to Settings – Phone – SIM-PIN .

2. Activate the SIM-PIN switch .

3. Enter the valid SIM code.

Attention! Enter need not a new, but a valid lock code.

This code is usually indicated on the plastic card, from which the SIM card is extracted, can be displayed in the user’s personal cabinet or application (it all depends on the operator).

Now you can change the code in the same section of the menu or just remember it for later use.

It will be required only when the smartphone is rebooted or flashed.

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