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“The era is gone”: the CSKA goalie broke the antiseries, because of which he was bullied 11 years

Some fans Igor Akinfeev motivated, while others forced to seek a new meaning of life.

November 22, CSKA Moscow in the home match of the fifth round of the group stage of the Football Champions League defeated the Portuguese “Benfica” with a score of 2: 0. But the main heroes were not the goal-makers, but the 31-year-old goalkeeper of the Moscow team Igor Akinfeev, who also stands for the Russian national team.

Earlier, the goalkeeper set the main anti-record of the largest European tournament: he missed at least one goal in each of the last 43 matches. The closest “competitor” did not get close to Akinfeev even close – on account of former PSV goalkeeper Ronald Vaterres was only 16 consecutive games with conceded goals.

Fans counted the sad series of Akinfeev from November 1, 2006 (when CSKA played 0-0 with London’s Arsenal), not including qualifying games. CSKA’s games in the Champions League ended each time with ridicule and memes from the fans, and sports media published traditional news and articles about the sad record. The series was angrily commented even by the goalkeeper.

CSKA fans come up to me and say: “Well, you do not worry about this series there.”

I say: “Guys, here you are adults are men. Are you generally adequate? I have something to worry about, I try to do my job. Sometimes it happens like this – another test of life. Do you have something to do? Do you have children? So worry about your children, and not for the anti-record of Akinfeev. Everything is normal, calm down. “

Igor Akinfeev
goalkeeper of CSKA

In the match with Benfica, Akinfeev’s series was finally interrupted. Fans did not miss the opportunity to note the historical (at least for football fans) fact.

If that, “biscuit” means a “dry” game, that is, without a missed goal.

The fans remembered how young they were before the start of the anti-Akinfeev series, they looked for a new motivation to watch football and played a little conspiracy.

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