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Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for cancer therapy

American and Japanese immunologists James Pee Ellison and Tasuku Honjo  received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for developing anticancer therapy. In addition to recognition by experts, they are entitled to a bonus of $ 1 million. The therapy they propose suppresses negative reactions with the help of proteins found by scientists.

The prize for medicine and physiology is awarded first in the series of Nobel Prizes for the current year. This year they will not award a prize on literature because of a scandal involving one of the jury members.

It is believed that the human body is capable of attacking cancer cells, but they are “smart enough” to adapt to therapy, which makes it ineffective in some cases. The discovery of James Pi Ellison and Tasuku Honjo will create a new type of drugs that, by disabling braking mechanisms, will force the body to attack cancer cells further. New drugs will have serious side effects, but will be effective in the late stages of the disease, when there is no other treatment.

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