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Less than 40% of the population voted in the referendum on the renaming of Macedonia

This is below the established constitutional threshold of 50%. Despite the low turnout, about 90% of the votes were given for the renaming of the country. Now the referendum is not the final authority in the matter of renaming. The government will decide the next fate.

The referendum was called upon to endorse the agreement of the authorities in Athens and Skopje to rename the Balkan country to “Northern Macedonia”. Greece objected to the Macedonian use of the name of its historical province. Renaming promised the former Yugoslav republic the opening of the way to NATO and later to the EU. However, the opposition part of the deputies does not consider it necessary to rename the countries and actively encouraged citizens to boycott the referendum

Referendums are the highest form of political will of citizens. I expect that the opposition deputies will respect the democratic choice of the citizens who voted. Despite everything, I will remain true to my position and will continue the process of ratifying the agreement with Greece in the country’s parliament.

Zoran Zoyev
Prime Minister of Macedonia

In the course of the popular vote, more than 3,000 polling stations were held in 80 municipalities and the city of Skopje. Citizens were asked to answer one question: “Do you support membership in the EU and NATO, accepting the agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the Greek Republic?”.

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