FBI first forced the suspect to look at the iPhone to unlock

Forbes reported the first time that FBI agents forced the suspect to unlock the iPhone. The incident occurred in the summer, but he received publicity only now.

FBI experts searched the house of 28-year-old Grant Mihalsky in Ohio. They, guided by the warrant, required the guy to look at his iPhone X to study the data. The suspect complied, but lawyers note that a person could not fulfill this requirement. The information needed to investigate the iPhone X was not there. At this time, the case in Ohio is the first of its kind.

Previously, law enforcement agencies had problems with access to the iPhone suspects. The loudest case occurred in 2016: Apple refused to provide access to information from the smartphone of the criminal who fired at San Bernardino.

The 3D Face Face recognition system made its debut in last year’s iPhone X. It is also present in the iPhone Xs (including the Max version) and the iPhone Xr.

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