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Dagestan became the region with the largest number of supporters of healthy lifestyles in Russia

The agency “RIA Rating” conducted a study in which it estimated the Russian regions in terms of the number of supporters of healthy lifestyles. The most healthy region of Russia was Dagestan. The republic scored 91.9 points in the study. In general, the Caucasus regions were on the leading lines of the rating – following the Dagestan, the Chechen Republic (89.8) and Kabardino-Balkaria (80.6) are on the list. The top five also included the Krasnodar Territory (79.6) and the Republic of Ingushetia (77.9). Outside the North Caucasus and Southern Federal Districts, the leaders of the rating were Penza (77.4 points, seventh), Ryazan (77.1, eighth) and Tambov region (76.4, ninth).

Subjects located in the Far East and the Far North headed the anti-rating of regions by the number of adherents of HLS. The region with the least number of supporters of a healthy lifestyle was the Jewish Autonomous Region, which occupied the last, the 85th line. The situation is slightly better in Kamchatka, in the Magadan Region and in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

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