Asia Argento confessed to having sex with a 17-year-old one and a half months after the accusations. But denied that she seduced him

The actress claims that the initiator was a young man.

Actress and director Asia Argento, accused of harassment of a minor, told on the air of the Italian channel La7 that she had sex with actor Jimmy Bennet. However, Argento denied the accusations of his seduction.

According to Argento, during the meeting at the hotel, she invited Bennett to go to the movies. He embraced her, then began to kiss and touch “like a teenager with a surge of hormones.”

He had a sexual attraction for me, and when I saw this, and perceiving him as a child, I froze. I did not expect this. He literally jumped on me. He divided me, laid him on the bed, climbed from above and took up sex without using a condom. I was cold and calm. After that he said that he had been attracted to me since I was 12 years old.

August 20 edition of The New York Times published an article on the harassment of Argento to Bennett. He claimed that at the time of the incident he was 17 years old.

August 21, Argento said that he categorically denies everything that is written in the material NYT. She claimed that she and Bennett had been linked for several years of friendship, which ended after the young man demanded that the actress “sky-high” amount of money. This happened after the accusations of Argento addressed to Harvey Weinstein. She was one of the first to tell about the harassment of a Hollywood producer.

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