Almost everything in your life is tied to a SIM card. It’s time to fix it.

Today we are witnessing a rather paradoxical situation. Users are increasingly communicating in social networks and instant messengers, forgetting about voice communication, but most of the accounts and accounts are tied to their sim card.

Registered the mail – add a phone number, created a record in the VC – again indicated the number, authorized in the online store – again we want a mobile number.

It turns out that the SIM card is needed by most for registration and authorization , and for mobile Internet on the way to work or home.

At the same time, having lost the cherished chip, we are deprived of access to most services, sites and payment systems.

Why is this happening

The mobile number was considered the best means of identification even before the cards were sold under passports. Even then, buying a new number was more difficult than creating a new mailbox.

At the same time, mail could easily be taken away by picking up a simple password, consisting of the dates of birth, and the card lies quietly in your pocket.

And it turned out that over the past few years we tied almost all important things to the mobile number and at the same time every day we risk losing it.

Stole a smartphone with a basic SIM card – get a lot of problems and difficulties.

It is necessary to quickly eliminate this hole in personal information and financial security.

1. Set the pin-code so that the “sim card” could not be used by another person

The first thing to do right now is to install the pin code on the SIM card. You only need to enter it when you reboot your smartphone or insert a card into another device.

This does not help much with the loss of the gadget, but will not allow an attacker to seriously harm or obtain confidential data.

This is done very simply, and in the future saves time and nerves.

You will always know that from the stolen or lost smartphone you will not be able to access the SIM card.

What you need to do: follow our instructions to install the pin code for the sim card on the iPhone.

2. Define the key services and services to untie them from the SIM card

Imagine that you lost your smartphone and are temporarily not connected, applications and other things. Think about what you will need at this moment.

Which banking service, service or website is useful first. Make sure that access to the primary services is possible without a password from the SMS .

Sometimes you need to specify an email address, sometimes you need to enter a second trusted number, and sometimes – just set a couple of secret questions.

In any case, you need to have several services that you can manage autonomously without your smartphone.

What you need to do: choose a banking application or payment service program where you can make payments using Face ID or Touch ID and install it on your wife’s / husband’s home tablet or smartphone.

So even without your smartphone and sim card get access to money for the first time.

Some electronic wallets provide so-called emergency codes for operations. Keep them in a safe place, but not on a smartphone.

3. Involve messengers to get messages on different devices

Many services and services have long acquired the support of instant messengers. This means that all possible verification codes and passwords can be received via bot in Telegram or Viber.

It’s very convenient, just contact your bank or payment system. Surely, they have such an opportunity.

See that the advantage does not turn into a flaw. It is not necessary, for example, to tie an instant messenger to the main bank card, which is installed on a work computer or home tablet without a password.

What you need to do: we connect information through an instant messenger in your bank or payment service, we install on the smartphone family members or home device messenger, where we can receive authorization codes.

So even if you need to enter the code, you can do without a sim card for a while.

4. Turn off the SIM card from two-factor authentication, so as not to depend on the “sim card”

Special services like Google Authenticator , Authy or Nexmo have long allowed to pass two-factor authentication without passwords by SMS.

The application generates secure code depending on the current time, and the site or service requests a password from the account and this code that changes every 30 seconds.

So you can log in to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Pinterest, Slack, Twitch, Evernote, Snapchat and other services without SMS .

What you need to do: register in a suitable service and configure authorization through a special key instead of SMS.

We have already talked in detail about setting up such authorization using the Authy service example.

5. Do not keep everything “in one basket” (on one SIM card)

One clever saying goes:

Do not keep all the eggs in one basket

So we place savings on different accounts, use the services of several banks, house stashes are laid out in several caches. However, at the same time we tie it all in one SIM card.

It is the most vulnerable place in the chain.

It is best to sort the used services by the frequency of using the SIM card. Some sites and services require passwords from SMS for any operation, others only with authorization, and some even request codes in rare cases.

When the list is compiled, we begin to gradually transfer the accounts for not the most demanding services to our second SIM card or the spouse’s / children’s / parents’ card.

What you need to do: if you do not want to leave the usual SMS authorization, at least transfer a couple of services to another SIM card. It can be a corporate number or a SIM card number for the Internet.

You can even use the phone of a family member. In this case, be sure that messages from the selected service will not be needed too often.

6. We learn the conditions for obtaining a new SIM card in order to be ready to be replaced

Sim card and smart phone

In order to avoid fussing in case of losing the main SIM, know in advance how to obtain a duplicate.

Sometimes you can order a card in advance, and pick up with the loss of the primary. Sometimes for a symbolic fee, the card can be cloned immediately, and switch to it only after a corresponding request.

It is important to know what kind of an orderly procedure , what documents and data will be needed. Briefly it is done this way: you are in the salon, present your passport, get a duplicate on the spot.

Keep in mind that the contract can be executed for another person, in which case the card will not be replaced without its presence or power of attorney.

What you need to do: just call the operator or contact him in the chat and learn in detail how to replace the SIM card in case of loss.

Support phone numbers – continue. Calls to them are free of charge from any region and from any number in Russia. for other country contact your local opertator.

MTS: 8 (800) 250-08-90

MegaFon: 8 (800) 550-05-00

Beeline: 8 (800) 700-83-78

Tele2: 8 (800) 555-06-11

Yota: 8 (800) 550-00-07

Tinkoff Mobile: 8 (800) 555-49-29

Let’s summarize


So, we remembered that too many services and services were tied up on their SIM cards. To protect yourself in case of chip loss, do the following:

  • set a pin-code on the SIM-card of all family members;
  • we learn the procedure for obtaining a duplicate of the sim card from your own porter;
  • Unlink services that can be authenticated through the application;
  • we connect notifications from banks and payment systems through messengers;
  • we translate several services into your second number or numbers of close people.

On the implementation of this may take more than one day, but in the end we will make the SIM card less significant in its financial and information security system.

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