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The United Kingdom will send about 800 military personnel to protect the Arctic territories

According to the British Minister of Defense, Gavin Williamson, this need is caused by Russia’s attempts to take the territories of melting glaciers under its control.

Russia is once again opening up Soviet Arctic bases that have not been used for years, increasing submarine activity in the area. We see the activity of Russian submarines very close to the level that was during the Cold War, and it is right that we begin to react to it right now. The UK must defend its own interests.

Gavin Williamson
Minister of Defense of Great Britain

In the UK, they are concerned that as the Arctic ice melts, Russia will intensify its activities there. Climate change also caused a stir in the development of oil reserves.

800 Royal Navy and Army soldiers will be sent to Norway every winter for the next decade. In November, Britain will deploy there a unit of 3,000 troops in the framework of NATO’s 40,000th exercises. Also, the defense minister, a conservative, at the conference of the party conference introduced a new defense strategy that will help the UK respond effectively to threats that may come from Russia in the Arctic. It will include the use of the P8 Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft and British Arctic submarine control systems in the Arctic.

Earlier, the defense committee warned that the ability of the UK to defend itself against threats from the Arctic and the Far North is under threat because of cost savings, reduced skills and lack of intellectual investment. The deputies called on the country to show “a new level of ambition” and use more resources to address the evolving security situation from the northern territories.

Based on The Sun, The Telegraph and Sunday Express

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