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The head of the US Interior Ministry allowed the possibility of a naval blockade of Russia in the Middle East to limit oil trade

Theoretically, this will help the US sell more oil.

Ryan Zinke. Photos Bloomberg

US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke told a speech in Pittsburgh that if desired, the US fleet could block Russia’s access to water in the Middle East – and thereby reduce options for trade in energy resources. It is reported by The Washington Examiner .

The US has the opportunity – thanks to our Navy – to ensure that the sea routes of communication remain open and, if necessary, block them … so that their energy resources do not enter the market

Ryan Zinke
head of the US Interior Ministry

According to Zinke, Russia is present in the region because of its interest in trading in oil and gas: “Russia is a sly pony. I think the reason they are in the Middle East is that they want to trade there with energy just as they do in eastern and southern Europe. ”

Trump already expressed a desire to force the European countries to buy US energy assets, and his administration opposed Russian projects like the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline because of the advantages it would give Russia over Germany. On September 13, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry, during a joint conference in Moscow with Russian Minister Alexander Novak, allowed the imposition of sanctions against Russian energy transport projects in case they were used for “influence and destruction.”

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