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Kim Jong Un gifted the President of South Korea two dogs

His father, Kim Jong Il, made exactly the same gift in 2000.

Puppies in the garden of the residence of the President of South Korea. Reuters photo

The head of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, sent South Korean President Mun Zhe Inu two dogs of rare phunsan breed. This happened after their meeting in Pyongyang in mid-September, but after a thorough search the dogs went through the demilitarized zone between the two countries and ended up in South Korea on Thursday, September 27, Reuters reported .

Phunsan is a breed of hunting dogs that was bred in the DPRK and almost not spread beyond its borders. It was named after one of the northern regions of the country, and dogs of this breed are known for their loyalty and ability to hunt a large beast, even tigers.

Mun Zhe Ina already has one dog, Tory, taken from the shelter two months after the president took office. The head of South Korea is generally known for his love of animals.

Reuters notes that the gift of Kim Jong-un is another sign of the improving relationship between the two formerly belligerent countries. A similar gift, two phunsans, in 2000 after the first Inter-Korean summit gave the then president of South Korea the father of the current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il.

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