iPhone XS refuses to charge when the display is off. What’s the matter?

In the official Apple community, there are a lot of complaints related to a very strange bug of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Users write that their smartphones refuse to charge until the Lightning-cable is inserted when the display is on.

In most cases, the smartphone starts charging after a double tap on the display. Some also have to turn on the display, pull out and reinsert the cable. Only after this, the iPhone XS smartphone starts charging.


The problem begins to acquire a massive nature, as it is written not only in the Apple community, but also actively discussed on YouTube, on Twitter, on the Reddit portal.

Many associate this behavior of flagship smartphones with the function of restricting access via USB, presented in iOS 11.4.1. But disabling this feature does not fix the charging problem.

Apple does not comment on the situation. MacRumors ]

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