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In the US, an incurable sick veteran, young people collected 40 thousand dollars for a funeral

A veteran of the US forces, Willie Davis, dying of an indistinguishable disease, tried to raise money for a funeral, selling his things. He noticed a group of young people and in two weeks collected him 40 thousand dollars.

David Dankleberger collected an incurably sick veteran of 40,000 for a funeral. The young man bought several things from him and asked why he sells all the property. Willie Davis said that he collects money to buy a place in the cemetery near his parents. He also said that he is sick with the fourth stage of cancer and is afraid not to have time to buy a place in the cemetery. After that, David and his friend Ed started collecting money on the Internet to buy Willie a place in the cemetery and a monument. For several days they collected 50 thousand dollars.

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