Found a way to bypass the password in iOS 12

Despite the fact that Apple assures the absolute safety of iOS 12, the user Jose Rodriguez published a bug that allows you to access data bypassing the password.

This vulnerability has been known since iOS 7, but Apple seemed to fix it.

If you have access to an iPhone, to bypass the password, you need to call Siri and turn on the VoiceOver function. Then turn off the display and call the device from another smartphone.

As soon as the caller’s number appears on the screen, instead of picking up the phone, you should click the Message button. In the message set window, press “+” and send SMS from another device.

When you receive a notification, iOS 12 crashes. The notification disappears, and the VoiceOver function opens the interface to the messages.

The discovered method of circumvention works on all iPhones that support iOS 12. Moreover, Apple still does not fix the bug in the recently released iOS 12.1 beta 1.

Limit such a break-in of your smartphone by simply disabling access to Siri from the lock screen. To do this, just go to Settings -> Face ID and Password (Touch ID and Password) and turn off “Permission for Blocking” for Siri. MacRumors ]

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