Two of the most stupid innovations of iOS 12. Why did they spoil everything?

iOS 12 is definitely a decent operating system. A number of cosmetic changes , optimization, improving performance on older iPhones.

But, hell, Apple, you managed to admit the two most unpleasant gaffes, which are wildly annoying.

The first is the location of the camera call button and gallery widget in iOS 12. When I use a smartphone with one hand, I always miss it.


I need to call the camera to quickly take a photo, and I get to the gallery. Yes, everything is treated – one extra tap and you are back on the previous screen. But it’s very easy to miss the right frame at such moments.

The second point is the modified FaceTime camera switch in iOS 12. Instead of repeating the “user experience” of previous versions of iOS, Apple has complicated life.

Now, to switch the camera from the front to the self, you need to tap on the display, thereby calling an additional menu, select the camera change, tap again. Previously, switching the camera took about half a second. Now about 2-4 seconds.

Bravo, Apple. This is exactly “attention to detail.”

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